About Me

I started cake decorating in August of 2007 when my sister-in-law suggested we have a family cake off. Neither of us had ever used fondant before and we thought it would be fun to try. Well, when the cake off weekend came, my sister-in-law backed out. Still excited by the idea, I went ahead anyway and attempted a butterfly-shaped cake covered with purple fondant.

Well, it turns out fondant is really hard to knead; my lovely shade of purple was marbled instead of solid. That fondant was also too thick and ended up in pieces. I covered the cake with it anyway. Oh, and the icing around the edges was too runny. But even though my butterfly cake didn’t look quite like I had planned, two things went very right: it tasted absolutely delicious and I got hooked on cake decorating! After that experience I was determined to figure out what I did wrong and do it right!

Shortly after that first butterfly cake, I started taking cake-decorating classes. I had a lot of fun and finally mastered fondant! Since then I have made over one hundred cakes and over three thousand cake pops. I have also been a Wilton Method Instructor since January 2010.